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Shure Fp

Shure FP12 Headphone Bridging Amplifier


Shure FP1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter, G5 494-518 MHz FP1 G5


Shure FP33 3-Channel Stereo Sound Portable Field Mixer


Shure FP15 G5 Wireless Bodypack System (no mic, no cable, no clip) 494 - 518 MHz


Shure FP3-H5 Wireless XLR Plug-On Wireless Transmitter (518-542MHz)


Lot of 2 Shure FP24 portable field mixers


Shure FP23 Single Channel Portable Microphone Preamplifier




Shure FP22 Stereo Headphone Amplifier W/ 3 PIN MIC Connector


Shure FP2/VP68-H5 Wireless Handheld Transmitter w/VP68 (518-542MHz)


Genuine Shure FP5-J3 Portable Wireless Receiver 572-596MHz


Shure FP33 3-Channel Field Stereo Sound Mixer With Porta Brace Case


Shure FP33 3 Channel Stereo Field Mixer FP-33 U133318


Shure FP25/SM58-H5 Camera-Mount Wireless Cardioid Handheld Microphone - Open box


Shure FP15 Bodypack Wireless System with FP5 Receiver & FP1 Transmitter (no mic)


Shure FP33 3-Channel Stereo Mixer


Shure FP16A Distribution Amplifier – 1 x 6 - Balanced XLR Male Outputs


Shure FP Wireless Bodypack System (H5 / 518 - 542Mhz)


Shure FP5-G4 Portable Wireless Receiver, G4 / 470 - 494MHz Band


Shure FP3 Wireless Transmitter with Wireless Receiver (H5: 518-542 MHz)


Shure FP23 (Sound Devices MP-1)


Shure FP15-J3 FP Wireless Bodypack System, No Mic, J3 / 572 - 596MHz


Shure FP125/83SM58 Bodypack/Handheld FP1 FP5 Wireless Microphone System


Shure FP3-H5 Wireless Plug-On Transmitter, H5 / 518 - 542MHz Band #FP3=-H5


Shure FP Wireless Bodypack & Handheld Combo System (G4 / 470 - 494MHz)


Shure FP33 3-Channel Field Stereo Sound Mixer


Shure FP16A Distribution Amplifier 1x6 Balanced XLR Mic Microphone with Bracket


FP15 G5 FP Shure qirless mic transmitter and reciever bodypacks


Shure FP42 Mixer Excellent Condition *RARE* ALL CHANNELS TESTED 100%.


Shure FP24 2 channel Audio Mixer, Pulled From Working System, Fair Condition


Shure FP16A Distribution Amplifier 1x6, Balanced XLR Mic


Shure FP33 3-Channel Stereo Mixer *NEW